The team

The core of the team is formed by Volker Schmidt, Aquilino Cruz and Jonas Franz. Volker Schmidt and Aquilino Cruz, who also had the idea of constructing the park, have accompanied the whole process of construction and development until now and further have helped significantly to set up the concept of the park. Moreover they have qualified to work as trainers and guides, who are able to pass the knownledge they required over time in form of workshops or guided tours.
They are supported by the volunteer Jonas Franz, who will be responsible for all belongings of the park during his yearlong stay as a volunteer. This includes the maintainance but also the amplification of the offerings and the realization of projects with different audiences.
Furthermore, the team is completeted by many internal and external colleagues, who contribute to the positive development of the project in all sectors concerning the Centro Ecologico.

The project

Centro Ecologico is a PPP-Project (Public-Private-Partnership). That means the funding is raised by the public authority and a company of private economy by equal parts. In case of Centro Ecologico the public authority is the DEG (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft) and the company is Biotropic SRL. This kind of project serves to foster and support sustainably certain resources and sectors like for example know-how, capital and employees with socially and ecologically weak performances. Like that German government is able to assert its own development policies with help of medium-sized enterprises.

This kind of project is supposed to be constructed within two years. Thus Centro Ecologico was built since september of 2012 and was finished in December of 2014. Since then it is accessible for all kinds of interested persons.


Both, holding company BioTropic GmbH and subcompany Biotropic SRL, which is located in Dominican Republic, act an important part for the park. The part of the funding raised by a member of private economy was facilitated by Biotropic SRL, which also hosts the park on their territory. BioTropic GmbH undertakes a large part of public relations through presenting the project to different audiences. Moreover the company will engage further and will for example man two of five seats of the managing-comitee of the foundation, which will be set up in order to ensure the funding and like that also the continuity of the park.