What we are advocating

Erosion, degradation of soil and contamination of water lead to the destruction of livelihood of a big part of the Dominican population. Unfortunately, people have only little knowledge of how to prevent these dangers. The Centro tries to help by providing knowledge about cheap and environmentally friendly alternatives concerning generation of energy or sewage treatment as well as about cultivation and processing of agricultural products. Centro Ecologico has declared to aim for the provision of knowledge by appealing to different target groups. People are instructed theoretically as well as practically. Thus the income and quality of life especially of the rural population can be increased.


By means of several pilot and demonstration plants belonging to the sector of "Green Energy“, measures of qualification, research and development shall be conducted. The aim is to keep improving the conditions in the fields  "Organic Farming“, "Food-Processing“, "Generation of Alternative Energies“ and "Elimination of Organic Waste“. Thus the income of people living in rural areas is secured, there is a increase in quality of live and negative environmental conditions are minimized.

The development of the rural area is one of the most important requirements to ensure the food supply of the population and for the protection of the environment and the climate. Thus it is our concern to contribute to this kind of development!